Current PhD students

  • Trond Linjordet (UiS, 2018-)
  • Rune Wetteland (co-supervisor, UiS, 2017-)
  • Shuo Zhang (UiS, 2016-)
  • Dario Garigliotti (UiS, 2015-)
  • Heng Ding (visiting from Wuhan University, 2016-)
  • Faegheh Hasibi (co-supervisor, NTNU, 2014-)
  • Jenda Rybak (co-supervisor, NTNU, 2013-)

Former PhD students

  • Richard Berendsen (co-supervisor, UvA, PhD 2015)
    • Main supervisor: Maarten de Rijke
    • Thesis: Finding People, Papers, and Posts: Vertical Search Algorithms and Evaluation [PDF]
  • Marc Bron (co-supervisor, UvA, PhD 2013)
    • Main supervisor: Maarten de Rijke
    • Thesis: Exploration and Contextualization through Interaction and Concepts [PDF]
  • Robert Neumayer (co-supervisor, NTNU, PhD 2013)
    • Main supervisor: Kjetil Nørvåg
    • Thesis: Semantic and Distributed Entity Search in the Web of Data [PDF]

PhD committee membership

  • Tom Kenter, University of Amsterdam, 2017
  • Alberto Tonon, University of Fribourg, 2017
  • Leander Jehl, UiS, 2016 (committee chair)
  • Morten Mossige, UiS, 2015 (committee chair)
  • Surender Yerva, EPFL, 2013

Former MSc students

  • Øyvind Blaauw (UiS, MSc, 2017)
    Answering Engine for Sports Statistics: Question Processing
  • Aida Mehdipour Pirbazari (UiS, MSc, 2017)
    Answering Engine for Sports Statistics: Development of an Ontology and a Knowledge Base
  • Kjell Arne Hellum (UiS, MSc, 2017)
    Information Retrieval Using Applied Supervised Learning for Personalized E-Commerce
  • Johan Le Gall (UiS, MSc, 2016)
    Tabularized Search Results
  • Shuo Zhang (UiS, MSc, 2016)
    Fusion-based Information Retrieval
  • Brage Michael Ellingsen Roalkvam (UiS, MSc, 2015)
    Effective Entity Linking for News Articles
  • Maryam Sadat Marashi (UiS, MSc, 2015)
    Automatic Generation of Quiz Questions Using Freebase
  • Aman Berhane Ghirmatsion (UiS, MSc, 2015)
    Probabilistic Field Mapping for Product Search
  • Chris Håland (UiS, MSc, 2014)
    Tweet-based Event Summarization
  • Jenda Rybak (co-supervisor, NTNU, MSc, 2013)
    Cost Data Extraction and Visualization
  • Wouter Bolsterlee (co-supervisor, UvA, MSc, 2009)
    Expert Profiling in an Academic Enterprise
  • Jop van Raaij (co-supervisor, UvA, MSc, 2007)
    The Relation Between the News, User Generated Content and the Stock Market
  • Lucas Bouma (co-supervisor, UvA, MSc, 2007)
    Drie taalmodellen voor het zoeken in discussies

Former BSc students

  • Mii Erik Samyo Haugård (UiS, BSc, 2017)
    Hucomii: A Web-Based Human Computation Platform
  • Helge J. Bjorland (UiS, BSc, 2017)
    Investigation of the Potential for Using Text from Net Promoter Score as Predictor for Customer Churn
  • Andreas Kvist and Ivan-Louis Miranda Husebo (UiS, BSc, 2016)
    Development of ABCHjelp Response: An Application for Rapid Response in Emergencies
  • Adam Nuridov and Gustav Nødland (UiS, BSc, 2016)
    Design and Development of Responsive Front-End and Back-End for Emergency Services
  • Nicolas S. Kolnes-Cassis (UiS, BSc, 2016)
    Web UI for a Task-Completion Engine
  • Bjørn Magne Snoen (UiS, BSc, 2016)
    Smart Query Completion
  • Christoffer K. Clausen and Steffen Opheim (UiS, BSc, 2015)
    IPAWIDE – Intelligent Project Administration and Website IDE [YouTube]
  • Jonatan Pettersen (UiS, BSc, 2015)
    A Critical Analysis of Language Modeling Implementations in IR Toolkits
  • Athar Ali Tajik and Tihan Torban (UiS, BSc, 2015)
    A Tool for Assessing and Comparing Information Retrieval (IR) Systems
  • Asbjørn Thom (UiS, BSc, 2015)
    A WordPress Plugin for Academics
  • Bartosz Wasilewski (UiS, BSc, 2014)
    Faceted Search and Navigation UI Library
  • Janicke Falch and Ine Foss (UiS, BSc, 2014)
    Subsea Introduction [YouTube]
  • Morten Hovdan (UiS, BSc, 2014)
    PartyQuiz – An Online Hotseat Quiz Game
  • Anonymous* (UiS, BSc, 2013)
    An Interactive Broker System for Federated Entity Retrieval
  • Svetlin M. Stefanov (co-supervisor, UvA, BSc, 2007)
    Searching Blog Posts: By Topic and Mood

* student wished to not have his/her identity disclosed

Former project students

  • Kjell Arne Hellum (UiS, MSc CS Project, 2016)
    Information Retrieval Using Applied Supervised Learning for Personalized E-Commerce
  • Christer Hadland (UiS, MSc CS Project, 2015)
    Answer Type Determination for Web Question Answering
  • Aman Berhane Ghirmatsion (UiS, MSc CS Project, 2014)
    Concept Recognition and Weighting for Product Search
  • Brage Michael Ellingsen Roalkvam (UiS, MSc CS Project, 2014)
    Approach for Spotting Entity-bearing Words in News Articles
  • Maryam Sadat Marashi (UiS, MSc CS Project, 2014)
    Developing a Solr-based Large-Scale News Search Engine
  • Chris Håland (UiS, MSc CS Project, 2013)
    Tweet-based Event Summarization
  • Martin Rudi Holaker and Eirik Emanuelsen (NTNU, MSc CS Specialization Project, 2012)
    Effective and Efficient Estimation of Relation Language Models with Mapreduce
  • Ellen Wiig Andresen (NTNU, MSc CS Specialization Project, 2012)
    Novelty Detection in Knowledge Base Acceleration
  • Pål Grønås Drange and Erik Parmann (UvA, MSc Language Technology project, 2010)
    SaHaRa Solr
  • Kamran Massoudi and Gabriele Modena (UvA, MSc Language Technology project, 2009)
    Wikipedia Product Search
  • Bart Brinkman, Ivan Johgi, and Max Hirschel (UvA, BSc Project Information Retrieval, 2009)
  • A.E. Folkers, S. Gerard, M.J. Janssen, V. Mahabir, R. Nijdam, and D.J. Witte (UvA, BSc Project Information Retrieval, 2006)
    Expert Search System

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