Yahoo! Semantic Search Challenge

The 3rd Semantic Search Workshop (SemSearch’10) organized an Entity Search Challenge last year (see my notes from the event). This competition is being organized this year again. There are two tasks: entity search (queries refer to a particular entity) and list search (complex queries with multiple possible answers). The collection is the Billion Triple Challenge 2009 (BTC-2009) data set, which is the same as last year. Also, this is the data set we used at the TREC Entity track in 2010. So I encourage all TREC Entity participants to take part, and vice versa.
There is even cash price of $500 offered by Yahoo! for the winner of each task; it’s more of a symbolic reward than a real remuneration ;-) but anyways, it’s not the money we academics are after, is it?
The submission deadline is Mar 21. For more details see: