Expertise Retrieval Workshop at SIGIR 2008

I’m co-organizing a workshop at SIGIR 2008 (together with Yong Yu) titled Future Challenges in Expertise Retrieval (fCHER). Since the introduction of the Expert Finding task at TREC 2005, a rapid progress has been made in terms of modeling, algorithms, and evaluation over the past 3 years. In fact, expertise retrieval has reached the point where it is appropriate to assess progress, bring people from different research communities together, and define a research agenda for the next years. This workshop aims to determine what we have accomplished and where we need to go from here in expertise retrieval.

fCHER website and CfP

SAW 2008 accepted papers

The review process is over, the list of accepted papers is available at

Out of 18 submissions 10 papers were accepted which gives the workshop a 55% acceptance ratio. All accepted papers will be presented on May 6th, 2008. They will be also published altogether with presentation slides in open content proceedings of all BIS 2008 Workshops (at as well as in a book or on CD.