Digital exam

The University of Stavanger is one of the higher education institutions in Norway that are now working on a pilot project for digital examination. My web programming and interaction design course will be among the first ones (and the very first one within the Faculty of Science and Technology) that will have a digital exam already this semester.

The latest issue of Teknisk Ukeblad featured an article on this topic where I was also interviewed about my reasons for having a digital, as opposed to paper-based, exam.

The highlighed quote, in free translation, reads like “The point of the exam is that it should be as close to a work situation as possible. Students will not be doing programming on paper when they start their job.” Digital exams also allow for certain websites to be used as reference material, in addition to textbooks.

Read the whole article here (in Norwegian).

Thesis in the news

NWO has also released an English translation of the article about my thesis work that had escaped my attention when I posted the link to the Dutch version. Obviously, a number of news sites did not miss it (I believe this has to be credited to NWO), and picked up this press release. It’s basically the same story, published under various titles —and since one of these is in French, I can say— and in multiple languages. Here is a list with the appearances I found so far. (If you find one that is not on the list, please post it in a comment!)