TREC Entity related developments

There has been a lot of silence on this blog since May. This is not because I have too little to say, but I have too much to do :)

A lot of effort has gone into organizing the TREC Entity track; those who are interested could follow developments on the track’s mailing list and blog. Topics are available for both the main (Related Entity Finding) and for the pilot (Entity List Completion) tasks. Developing topics for the latter involved some engineering work that I think might be worth sharing; I’m planning to do so, but don’t take it as a promise.

Another Entity track related development is that Marc Bron, Maarten de Rijke and myself have a paper accepted at CIKM 2010. In this paper, we propose a generative modeling framework for addressing the related entity finding (REF) task and perform a detailed analysis of four core components; co-occurrence models, type filtering, context modeling and homepage finding. Check out the abstract or the full paper. We made a number of resources used in the paper available to help others to repeat and improve upon our experiments.

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  1. When and how to submit the Entity 2010 results?The deadline says it’s September 30. But I cannot find the url to submit our results?

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